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When naming this tavern, we found that the term “Thirsty First” connected with both Lowell and with the Prohibition Era 

“…For the start of Wartime Prohibition in Lowell, Massachusetts, that exact moment was 11 PM on June 30, 1919 … Lowellians and residents from surrounding towns thronged into Lowell to stock up on liquor (before its sale became illegal) … On the eve of the “Thirsty-First” of June, Lowell residents were not only predicting the date of the end of Wartime Prohibition, they were also predicting what would happen to city’s many liquor stores … Some predicted an onslaught of carpenters, workmen, and movers to arrive in Lowell on the morning of July 1, ready to remove and deconstruct the city’s bars and liquor stores… Others predicted that Prohibition would be only temporary…”

– From the article,  June “Thirsty-First”, 1919: Prohibition in Lowell, Massachusetts, on