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Visit Us for your craft beer fix:   280 Central St, Lowell MA 01852

Why Craft Beer?


Well we think that everyone enjoys a good beer now and then, and everyone has there own unique style and tastes. These styles and tastes, transfer over to the beer people like to drink. While some of the standard well known highly public beers, serve many well, others they just do not. Craft beer has been slowly taking over the bar and pub scene as the new attraction. While we all like entertainment and live music, a great beer selection can stand on its own. We embrace this and invite the variety of styles that craft beer lends itself to. So we take steps to insure we always have something new and fresh on tap all the time. Stop in one week and a lot of our taps will have something new from the week before.

The beer industry has undergone many changes these last few years, but one thing has not changed, peoples long for this refreshing beverage. As long as our customers continue to crave all these varieties of craft beer, we will continue to research and provide the latest choices we can get our hands on. Of course what good would all this craft beer be if we did not take the time to pair it with great food as well. Be sure to check out our food menu and create your favorite pairing.

Come visit and find out for yourself, treat yourself to nice cold one.

Some of our Craft Beer

  • Cold Brew IPA

    By: Rouge

  • Old Tom Stout

    By: Maine Beer Company

  • Belgium IPA

    By: Solemn Oath

  • Blueberry Cider

    By: Woodchuck

  • Little Brother IPA

    By: Brew Master Jack

  • Session IPA

    By: Ballast Point

  • Throwback IPA

    By: PINNER

  • Pale Ale

    By: Dale's